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Choke Shirt Co


Yes, They Do

I get it.


I Got My Eyes On You, Deadpool

Some men just like to watch the world burn.


I heard you like engines…

Needs more engines.

" Exit Twitter.
Close Laptop.
Get Into Bed.
Unlock Phone.
Check Twitter. "



Reasons why I don’t sleep.

It’s true.

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 Just in time for spring we have 12 new men’s designs! Okay, we’ll be the first to admit that a t-shirt featuring a prominent skull isn’t the most appropriate way to celebrate springtime, but who cares? The spring season is all about rebirth and new life. Do you know what else needs new life? Your wardrobe, so be sure to update it with the new Smoke Skull Red shirt. This shirt is also printed on high quality American Apparel 100% vintage cotton which means the shirt will feel as good on your back as it looks on you. Spoiler alert: it feels very good.

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Catch all 150 Pokemon today in GoogleMaps to become a Pokemon Master or catch one and get bored of it like we did.

The #NSA told us you need new tees. Get the last laugh with “Surveillance” available here:

Ah, Spring in Seattle, when the clouds remind us who’s really in charge. Check out “Water Fight” while we flip off the grey sky.